Interp-Right Training Consultancy Staff


Interp-Right Training Consultancy Ltd. uses both in-house and consultant trainers on its courses

Trainers/Course Tutors/Teachers

Qualified trainers or teachers in adult or further education
Trainers with several years teaching experience
On all our courses leading to a recognised interpreting qualification our teachers will themselves hold that qualification.

Other Language Tutors (OLTs)

University lecturers of the specific language
Trained language tutors
Holders of the relevant qualification on those courses leading to a recognised interpreting qualification

Public Speaking Trainers

Business oriented public speaking trainers each of whom have several years experience in presenting in public and training staff in this function.
Social public speaking trainers with several years experience in training speakers either from scratch or in tailor-made tuition for specific speeches e.g. club presidency or father of the bride speeches

Guest Speakers

Professionals from various Public Service sectors such as:

o Magistrates
o Police Officers
o Practicing & experienced interpreters
o Medical Practitioners
o Mental Health Nurses
o HM Prison Officers

Examination Staff

Professional Examiners experienced in both real and mock exams
Teacher Trainers with examination experience
College examiners
Professional interpreter examiners
Admission Board members for interpreter panels

Invigilation Staff

Experienced University level Invigilators
Male and female staff members for gender-specific invigilation needs



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